Flats fishing within the World’s 4th largest barrier reef in Anegada, British Virgin Islands…….come as a visitor, leave as a friend!

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Thank you for visiting our website. I am Capt. Kevin Lorenzo Faulkner. It would be my pleasure to be your guide. My aim is to ensure that you experience a safe and memorable day of fishing on our flats or near the reefs. I am a native Anegadian with more than 25 years of experience as a guide. I like all types of fishing because there is no losing in fishing. You either catch or you learn. I find fly-fishing most enjoyable. It challenges me to compete with myself. To continue excelling at this sport, I must analyze and reanalyze my techniques and rely on self-discipline.
Are you in search of that extraordinary flats fishing adventure for Bonefish, Tarpon & Permit?
​Come and experience the ultimate in Virgin Island flats fishing! You are welcomed whether you're an adept angler or a novice. We offer fly-fishing and light tackle excursions in pursuit of elusive Bonefish, tenacious Tarpon and pedantic Permit. Alternately, you can experience action-packed reef fishing for Barracuda, Mutton Snapper, Horse-Eye Jack, Shark and many other species. You'll be amazed at the variety of marine habitats; back country lagoons, mangrove shore line, secluded flats and reefs; offering an eventful day on the water.